About Us


Glad you are checking this out. Let me introduce our platform.
Akva.Store is a free aquarium online auction and marketplace for anything aquarium hobby-related.
Our platform is designed for all aquarium hobbyists and businesses to sell and buy aquarium livestock, equipment and related goods. 

Why are we here?

Akva.Store was born through a passion for the aquarium hobby and business experience in marine and freshwater aquaria. We focus on helping by supporting and promoting fish-keeping, breading, and propagation of all aquatic pets all around the globe. 
What can you do here?
Our platform is a marketplace, allowing you to sell and buy aquarium fish, corals, plants, equipment, and related products, such as supplements, food, etc. 
The platform is FREE to use. There is no listing fee, no after-sale fee. Sell and buy freely. It is made for your convenience.

Why is it free for you to use?

Well, as mentioned, this is a free platform for you to use. There is no catch here, it is simple. 
Let me tell you how this idea came to life. The founder of Akva Store is ex. LFS (local fish store) and livestock importer who is now an aquarium hobbyist himself. 


My name is Alexey Zubok, In 2007 I founded an aquarium fish import business in New Zealand. My company had a license to import ornamental fish and invertebrates from all around the world. In 2017 my family decided to move to Australia. This decision led me to sell my aquatic business and relocate for good. 

Since the move, I’ve been making a living working in another field that is not aquarium related. However, it is hard to let go of this hobby, especially having worked in the field. Even though I am not involved in an aquatic business anymore, I still do reef-keeping as a hobby. My tank is growing, and as we all know, we need to sell or trade frags, corals, or that naughty fish from time to time. This led me to an idea to launch an Akva.Store, where all of us can sell aquarium-related items. My team and I made a plan, and so here it is - Akva.Store the free online marketplace made for all fish-keeping hobbies to help you sell and buy aquarium live stocks and other goods easily. Its as easy as can be. Use it if you like it, or don’t if you don’t like it. It was made for you and again, it is FREE to use!


Looking forward to seeing you AKVA.STOREing :)

Happy fish-keeping, everyone!

P.S. share AKVA.STORE with your mates and customers, if you like this idea